One emotionally closed-off bookseller. One overworked Vermont dairy farmer. One romance bookclub full of busybodies. Will their story have a happy ending?

Two guys meet over a stack of romance novels. Soon they’re turning pages late into the night…

Jamie Morin’s college GPA drops every time a cow breaks through a fence, but he’s determined to get his degree and keep his parents’ Vermont dairy farm afloat. He’d rather be reading than milking, but he can’t let his family down…not the way his brother did. So the last thing he needs is distraction in the form of an irresistible bookseller with a mysterious backstory.

Briar Nord has a lifetime of experience proving that happily-ever-afters only happen in his favorite books. But his luck might be changing. He’s got a great job at a bookstore, and he lives in a city that puts maple syrup on everything. But Briar knows not to trust anything–or anyone–too closely, and that includes a gorgeous farm boy with soulful eyes and too many obligations. 

When Jamie joins Briar’s romance novel book club, they both feel an instant connection and soon they’re turning pages long into the night. But Briar’s past was bound to catch up with him. Sometimes, though, it takes two heroes to write a new ending . . .

Do you LOVE Sarina Bowen’s TRUE NORTH universe? Booklover is part of the Vino and Veritas series, which takes place in that universe.

Cover Design: Christine Coffey

What to Expect

-A delightfully quirky book club

-Trust issues galore

-An abundance of maple syrup

-Hurt/comfort and hidden secrets

-Escaping cows

“BOOKLOVER was such an adorable + sweet + heartbreaking NA romance! I loved reading it! Run to your nearest amazon for your own Jamie & Briar – they’ll be sold out in no time!”

-Bianca, BJ’s Book Blog 

“Booklover really has it all.  Engrossing plot, endearing, multi-faceted characters with complex emotions, some hurt/comfort, low level angst, a little bit of suspense, some unexpected twists, and definitely sweet, sexy, swoony scenes between our two leading men….You don’t have to be a booklover to love Booklover, but reading Booklover just may make a booklover out of you.” 

-Larissa, Love Bytes Reviews

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